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Depending on how you would like your external finish,  we offer a range of different systems to suit all our customer's requirements and desired finish.  From low maintenance k-rend to traditional sand and cement systems. Please take a look at some of our local Rendering work & contact us if you would like a free quote.   


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K Rend Silicone FT incorporates silicone technology and provides a fine texture finish. The innovative silicone technology delivers water repellency to the render surface. For over 28 years K Rend has offered a high-quality extensive range of external silicone renders and finishes, designed to give a durable weatherproof coating and a natural finish. There are 20 standard colours for the scraped texture range. This rendering system offers a prestige finish to your desired area, with the added advantage of less maintenance. The system is applied with a backing coat with reinforced mesh thus giving the product longevity. 

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A number of decorative finishing effects can be achieved using different finishing techniques on the final coat. Rendering is used to cover the external walls of a property. It can be used either on commercial or residential buildings, giving both an up-to-date, modern appearance. Not only will it give your building a whole new look, but owing to its high percentage of cement it will also waterproof your property making it weather resistant and also fireproof.

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Sponge Finish - Mopping or sponging the hardened surface with a damp sponge achieves a sponge textured finish Smooth, this finish will need to be painted to the desired color.  

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Trowel Finish - This is achieved by skimming the final coat using a wooden float to produce a smooth dense surface this finish will need to be painted to the desired color


Pebble Dash lasts for a very long time – in some cases up to forty or fifty years. Once applied, it requires little or no maintenance, doesn't require regular painting, and due to its tough and nearly indestructible nature is great for properties in exposed and coastal areas. 

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Roughcast Finish - Throwing and flicking the final coat onto the surface achieves a roughcast finish, no re-touching is carried out, the way it lands is how it looks.

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